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Publishing and Printing News

Renowned artist Alice Asmar to be featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

07/01/2013 12:41 PM


Author Richard Modlin Returns to Close-Up Talk Radio

06/20/2013 05:09 PM


Psychological Thriller Questions the Black and White of Evil versus Good

05/17/2013 03:17 AM

Unlimited power at your fingertips; uncontrollable abilities to vast to handle. How do you keep your soul?


Multicultural Publisher Donates Language and Activity Books to Libraries Across the West

05/09/2013 01:01 PM

Nationally-lauded Spanish/bilingual books, activity mysteries and ebooks featuring black, white, Hispanic and Asian children are now available at multiple libraries and web sites.


Just Released Rocket Man Mirrors Gatsby's Dark American Dream

05/09/2013 09:15 AM


Making Optimism Contagious With Positive Forward Thinking

05/07/2013 10:13 AM

The fast pace of our lives can seem like an infinite loop. For many, this includes the constant barrage of emails, a 24/7 workplace, busy families, the challenges of uncertainty, and life’s trials ...


New Children’s App Invites Christians To Put Faith Into Action for Orphans by Chosen & Dearly Loved

05/02/2013 06:49 PM

"Walter's Flying Bus," an award-winning storybook app inspired by disabled orphans in Africa, has just released on the iPhone.


Texas Author Uses His Home State as the Background in Both of His Novels

04/06/2013 07:15 AM


New Service Helps Self-Published and Indie Authors Get More Reviews for Their Books

04/04/2013 06:41 AM

A new website, was launched in October 2012 and allows authors to post their book for review. Averaging over 100 hits per day, this website is quickly helping authors reach revie...


Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) has Renewed their Agreement with Capsonic Group, LLC for the 10th Consecutive Year

03/07/2013 01:30 PM

Alliance Creative Group, Inc., ( (Stock Symbol: ACGX) is pleased to announce they have renewed their agreement with Capsonic Group, LLC for the 10th consecutive...


T.L. Weber Announces New eBook Think Peace Explains Mission of U.S. Navys New LCS Class

10/26/2012 09:37 AM

THINK PEACE! is a new eBook by T.L. Weber, about U.S. Navy's mission of peace in 21st Century. These new Navy LCS Class of ships can make world peace possible.