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iConnectiva adds a Tier One Mobile Carrier for VAS Mobile & IP in North America

New York City 8/05/2014 12:59 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

iConnectiva is pleased to announce of an addition of a Tier One Carrier for VAS & IP head located in Kansas, USA.

iConnectiva will be able to assist this distinguish carrier to provide their customers with VAS for robust mobile and IP by merging different silos in to one version of truth and be more proactive than reactive with their customers. “Said Adam Maghrouri, President of Americas at iConnectiva”.

As basic connectivity becomes a commodity, Service providers are turning to a vast array of services−from movies and music to mobile app stores−in an effort to differentiate themselves and boost their margins. But designing and operating content is entirely different from selling devices and plans.

ONEVIEWMOBILE VAS can directly help service providers integrate the two in to a compelling and coherent customer experience. “Added Adam Maghrouri.”

Some of the everyday challenges a provider faces are:

Why have many efforts to integrate connectivity and content failed? Which types of value-added services are most successful for telecom or cable operators? Best practices for increasing the uptake of value-added services, Network Performance and reliability. Flat growth due to saturation and market maturity, brand differentiation& churn.

Also one of the main challenges introduced by the rollout of LTE is the enormous increase in data traffic that gets transported across the mobile core network. Studies have shown that LTE users, in addition to enjoying higher bandwidths, also consume considerably more data than 3G users. “Continued Maghrouri.”

ONEVIEWMOBILE VAS can steer into a more dynamic context-aware Business Intelligent steering logic. This BI steering logic is able to take contextual decisions on a per flow basis. The goal of this new architecture is to make optimum use of the VAS services that are deployed.                                 

ONEVIEWMOBILE VAS ability in creating flexibility, scalability, desirability, content & value for existing customers in real-time but more importantly to attract new customers gives Telecom providers strengths in to the content Value chain. We are also able to generate another different avenues for revenue streams by making CSP to be more proactive in providing subscription VAS that has impact in ARPU. “Added Maghrouri”

ONEVIEWMOBILE VAS also helps the providers to bundle services in post sales to attract new customers and reduce the churn in a saturated market by providing arrays of other VAS such as:

* Mobile TV & OTT Service                                                      
* Music Tracks Play, download and Ring Tones                         
* Location Based Services                                                        
* Online Gaming                                                                       
* Devotional Applications                                                           
* Mobile Advertisements                                                             
* Phone Backup and Security Services                                        
* WAP content downloads                                                         
* Ring Back Tone(RBT & RRBT)
* Sports and Infortainment Service
* Missed Call Alerts and Voice Mail Box
* Live Streaming
* Mobile Money & M-commerce services
*Contests & Voting
* Outbound Dialer Service
* Network Routing & Performance

About iConnectiva:
iConnectiva (previously known as Mara-Ison Connectiva Ltd.) is an Analytics product and services company with focus on customer data monetization. The company provides a portfolio of analytics solutions, which enable telecom, financial, media, and utility companies to lower churn, improve operational effectiveness, boost ARPU and increase overall profitability.

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