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10G Ozone Generators Innovation

The new 10G ozone generators will bring in a new generation of service providers

Chicago 7/08/2014 03:04 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

All Ozone announces an upgrade in all professional ozone generators.  The new 10G transformers makes the All Ozone generators the leading choice among odor removal services, mold remediators, and infection control services.  

For those unfamiliar with the commercial use of ozone, Nikola Tesla was one the first major promoters of ozone.  As the father of AC current, Tesla also explored the use of ozone that is generated by static electricity (sometimes referred to as corona).  Most people have seen the purple fingers of static electricity inside a glass globe generated by a Tesla coil.  Tesla also developed several ozone generators that are still in the hands of collectors.

Ozone is just another form of oxygen.  When an electric spark is generated, it will also convert normal O2 oxygen into O3 ozone.  In the ozone state, ozone is a remarkable gas that will nullify odors, kill mold and mildew, destroy germs, and neutralize pollution.

Nature creates ozone is the stratosphere to protect us from excess ultraviolet rays.   Ozone is also created in a lightning storm.  In fact, a typical lightning storm will create about 209 tons of ozone.  As the rain washes the earth, ozone is that fresh smell you detect after the storm has passed.  It is cleaning our world in more critical ways.

Ozone will oxidize holes in the outer membrane of bacteria, virus, and mold spores; causing them to die.  Ozone reaches the source of many foul odors to neutralize them at the source.  This is something that no chemically-based spray fragrance can do.

Commercially, ozone is used in about 2000 water purification plants throughout the world.  It is growing in popularity for spas and pools instead of chlorine.  And, food processors now use ozone to kill bacteria on meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.  Sewer plants mix ozone into the exhaust to stop the foul smell from filtering through the community.  Farmers also use ozone to cancel odors from their animal sheds.

Another emerging industry is local ozone services that use ozone to removal foul odors, sanitize against infection, treat for mold, and destroy insect pests.  These professional services can only be done when the building is vacant because ozone is a known respiratory irritant, but any cleaning product in high concentration (like bleach or ammonia) carry similar warning.

Ozone is also considered a Green concept.  It uses oxygen as the source, but ozone reverts back to oxygen in about twenty to thirty minutes.  Therefore, ozone depletes not resource nor does it leave any chemical waste behind.  It is simply nature’s way of cleaning and deodorizing our world.

There are hundreds of ozone machines available for purchase.  Choosing the right one is more than a little confusing.  But, it helps to know what to look for.  Since the days of Tesla, the use of stainless steel screens or plates were commonly used.  These were good, but inefficient.  And, they could not produce the volume of ozone a professional treatment required.

About ten years ago, the ceramic and nickel plates were introduced allowing the 7G systems to emerge.  Ozone generators were now more compact, delivered more ozone, and were portable.  However, they had their limitation when it came to large delivery of ozone that professionals require.

The 10G (10,000 mg/hr) transformers and plates are the latest and best innovation for professional ozone systems.  Instead of 14,000, 21,000, and 28,000 units; the same size units could produce 20,000, 40,000, and 60,000 milligrams of ozone.  And, when it comes to professional ozone services … size does matter.

All Ozone generators are one of the few ozone generators that have earned the NOAI Approved® certification from the National Ozone Association.  The standards for ozone generators have been ignored for a very long time.  The National Ozone Association is the first to create the Best Practices for Ozone Remediation which includes standards for ozone generators.

With so many boastful ozone generator promoters on the Internet, there is a growing need for an independent review of ozone equipment.  All Ozone has earned that certification which leave a question about why others do not want their equipment reviewed.

In addition to the new 10G transformers, All Ozone also used “Short Proof” transformers that will not allow a system to short out and overheat.  This reduces liabilities for ozone applicators.  

Built-in digital timers have also been added to allow for these systems to cycle or apply more effective treatments.  All Ozone has demonstrated a strong desire to be the best ozone generator on the market.  With their superior design and innovations, it appears they may be the best choice for ozone generators today. 

For those considering a great start-up business, check out  Start Up Dream for great information on the ozone business.  All Ozone is the best source for ozone equipment and ozone business support.


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