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Anzea's High Performers: Fabrics that perform Best for colorfastness are Solution Dyed


Fort Worth 1/08/2014 05:26 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

All of Anzea’s textiles pass the ACT Standards for contract textiles. One of the most important standards to pass is the colorfastness standard. Colorfastness is the ability of a material to resist color change or color transfer when exposed to various physical and environmental conditions during processing, storage or use. Although dozens of tests evaluate aspects of colorfastness, panel and upholstery fabrics are most commonly tested for Colorfastness to Light (AATC 16) and Colorfastness to Crocking (AATC 8). Crocking is the transfer of dye from the upholstery to another surface.  At Anzea we make sure that our products not only look great but will perform under some of the harshest conditions.  With our major markets being healthcare and hospitality we must continually develop products that can handle being exposed to harsh cleaning methods and extended hours of light exposure.

Fabrics that perform best for colorfastness are solution dyed. These can be nylon, polyester or acrylic. Frames is just one of Anzea’s products that is indoor/outdoor woven in Bella-Dura solution dyed acrylic. It had a colorfastness to light rating of 1500 hours and a 5 (the highest) rating for crocking. It is also bleach cleanable. Frames was designed by Jhane Barnes and is sold exclusively by Anzea.

Coated fabrics of nylon, polyvinyl or polyurethane also perform at the highest standards. Our outdoor fabrics have been specifically engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to light as well as hot and cold weather conditions. Anzea’s Out & About is an indoor/outdoor coated fabric that has ultra violet resistance of 1400 hours. It is also mildew resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and can be cleaned with bleach. It has a 5 (the highest) rating for crocking.


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