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Big Business can Back the ViDrive Kickstarter Campaign and a ViDrive will be Designed With Your Business in Mind

Charleston 10/09/2013 03:44 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

ViDrive Kickstarter Video - ViDrive a Fusion of Technology and Style

The ViDrive is revolutionary vision of wearable fashion and creators Nicholas Christ and Ben Sweatman are ready to share that vision with the rest of the world through a Kickstarter Campaign. While the ViDrive has already made a successful debut, Nick and Ben want to improve upon the design and capacity of the new ViDrive. This is what the ViDrive Kickstarter campaign is for and with your help they will be able to widen the capacity of the ViDrive, create more designs for bands and faceplates and make it waterproof.

So what do you get for your pledge to the ViDrive Kickstarter Campaign? The answer various based on how much you pledge, but the rewards can be great. For example, should a business or organization pledge $2,500 or more, the ViDrive team will work with you to design and name a ViDrive after your organization. That is a great deal for advertising. The one catch is, this is limited to only 5 pledges so you need to hurry.

Other pledges can also receive great rewards. The next pledge down, a $500 pledge, includes a one of a kind face plate created by their design team. With this you will be able to display your business logo, charity or organization on the faceplate and select a custom color for the band. Pledges can be as low as $1 so please go to the ViDrive Kickstarter campaign site and check out this innovative flash drive.

This convenient personal storage device is just the beginning. The more pledges received the more developed and improved the ViDrive will become. Big businesses need flare to stand out and the ViDrive has that flare. The pioneering, interchangeable band system that locks into the patented clasping framework can mix and match any color or style of band you choose. The centerpiece is no different and with $500 or $2,500 pledges you or your business can get your very own design on your very own ViDrive flash drive. A custom decorative faceplate gives the topside as much versatility as the changing bands. Wherever that ViDrive goes, the look of your bracelet and the convenience of always having your music, video and personal files will be right by your side.

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