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Get the Most Wholesale X-Ray Supplies for the Lowest Cost at

Atlanta 9/09/2013 02:30 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

If you are looking for a one stop shop for X-Ray supplies and equipment, Basement X-Ray is the place for you. We carry all the X-Ray supplies from film to aprons and even positioning sponges. We carry a large selection to choose from when it comes to film, aprons and other accessories. Our wholesale X-Ray film includes blue, green, half blue and duplicate film in various sizes as well as in cases or boxes depending on your needs.

We are one of the top X-Ray supply stores in Marietta and are very good at providing high quality supplies like X-Ray lead aprons. Our lead aprons come in either buckle or velcro closure depending on whichever is most comfortable to you. We also carry sizes small through extra-large so that you are sure to find a fit.

If you are looking for more than film and aprons, Basement X-Ray is still the number one place to go. We carry all the other X-Ray accessories including chemical developer and fixer, lead shields for gonads, gloves, and thyroids. We also have manual developer and fixers and lead markers and positioning sponges.

Right now we are also selling the Direct View Vita CR System from Carestream. This is a computerized radiography system that provides quality imaging at an affordable price. The Direct View Vita CR System is compact and is perfectly designed for smaller hospitals, clinics and specialty practices. With the system you will be able to provide inhouse high-quality digital imaging and a faster turnaround for quicker, accurate diagnosis and enhanced care.

About Basement X-Ray

Basement X-Ray is a premium X-Ray supplies company based in Marietta, Georgia. We sell high quality wholesale X-Ray supplies for affordable prices. Everything you need to is here in one place at

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