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U:   P: Focuses On Quality and Value Over Price

Columbia 8/20/2013 08:00 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Bling Bling Chains focuses on quality and value over price. We, of course, make sure all of our products are affordable, but they are not cheap plastic or shoddy, quick work. Other sites use a plastic core with flash plated finishes and cloudy, glued on stones, but takes the quality of our Hip Hop Jewelry to another level.

We use solid metal and brass cores on all of our of our jewelry. This gives it the weight and shine of real jewelry and therefore you get that all-important look and feel. We use the highest quality diamond simulation in our hip hop jewelry because they look and sparkle like real diamonds. We use genuine cubic zirconia or Czech crystals, which have similar physical properties to that of genuine diamonds, so very few people can tell the difference without a professional’s insight.

We also have a larger selection than other online stores and even most mall kiosks and jewelry stores, especially for our prices. We take pride in offering the best selection of Hip Hop Jewelry to our customers. One reason other online stores and mall kiosks do not have our selection is that they pay more for lesser quality and then mark up the price to make money. On the other hand, not only sells the highest quality products for less money, but we strive to offer new and innovative designs while others simply sell the same stuff over and over.

For example, some of our iced out chains’ retail price is over $60.00 but we sell them for huge discounts. Rather than paying full price for a $69.00 chain, you can get the same product for $30.00, that’s a savings of 57%.


Hip hop bling focuses on quality and value, not just price. While some other sites offer cheaper low quality products with a plastic core, flash plated finishes and cloudy, stuck on stones, Hip hop bling takes our quality to another level. We are the only site on the internet that use solid metal and brass cores on all our jewelry, giving the piece the look but most importantly the feel of real fine jewelry. The stones on our products are high quality diamond simulates that actually sparkle like real diamonds in a crisp and clear manner. On higher quality VIP jewelry and premium jewelry, our stones are genuine cubic zirconias or Czech crystals which have similar physical properties to that of genuine diamonds.

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