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If You are Suffering from Addiction Dr. Darvin Hege is Able to Prescribe Suboxone to His Patients

Atlanta 8/12/2013 04:40 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Atlanta Psychiatrist - Dr Darvin Hege

Dr. Hege is one of the most trusted psychiatrists in Atlanta and is now licensed to prescribe Suboxone to his customers to help with narcotic addiction. Suboxone is one of the most advanced treatments for narcotic addiction in the market today. Essentially, Suboxone stops narcotic craving within several days of induction. It becomes very hard to overdose or get high while using Suboxone because it blocks all other narcotics. This means there is no benefit from adding any other narcotic and ingesting narcotics causes no harm.

While methadone is one of the leading treatments right now, many patients highly prefer Suboxone for several reasons. Methadone requires everyday treatments while Suboxone progresses from every few days to once a month. Additionally, those being treated with Suboxone do not have to wait in a methadone clinic, they can go to a confidential, private addictionist’s outpatient office. Finally, Suboxone has a milder withdrawal than methadone and patients tend to feel more normal.

Suboxone has a pain killing effect that ranges from 35-50% of high dose conventional narcotics.

This is one of the safest treatments for narcotic addiction in the market. Since it is a partial agonist narcotic patients typically cannot overdose or die from Suboxone. Reports of overdose and death came from France when patients injected benzodiazapines in high doses along with Suboxone, or became highly intoxicated with alcohol while on Suboxone.

Dr. Darvin Hege is one of the most trusted psychiatrists in Atlanta, and works simply to make his patients better.

Dr. Hege offers evening and weekend office hours and affordable self-pay fees-guaranteeing you privacy and discretion. Call us at 770-458-0007, between 9 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Saturdays, and 9 AM to 1 PM Sundays for same-day evening and weekend appointments offered at competitive rates. He does not accept Medicare and is local to Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Roswell.

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