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Middletown 7/02/2013 06:30 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

CGrowth Capital, Inc started July 1st off well opening at 0.10. By subscribing to, you can get more detailed reports before anyone else by receiving news on the companies that look to run high. On July 1st, CGRA put out a press release updating their shareholders regarding the Company’s progress from the past quarter and a look to the future. By subscribing to the free penny stock newsletter, could have let you know about this development as soon as possible that you could research the companies on your own and decide whether or not it is a good investment. sends out free penny stock newsletters that allow you to take advantage of corporate developments before anyone else. We also provide aggressive upside stock alerts, along with conservative investing strategies to encourage safe and cautious trading. The free penny stock newsletter contains not only the hottest penny stock picks, but our views as well.

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About CGrowth Capital Inc.

CGrowth Capital, Inc. focuses on acquiring land assets, while also providing partners and affiliates with management services, capital, contract management and logistical services necessary for the successful execution of mining operations.

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