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Certified Estate Sales of Atlanta: A Professional and Hands-On Estate Sale Team

Atlanta 6/28/2013 02:54 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Certified Estate Sales of Atlanta is a family team of professional asset liquidators who strive to have the best customer service possible through one of the best estate sale companies in Atlanta. This stems from the fact that Certified Estate Sales of Atlanta was created because we saw how sensitive and stressful an estate sale can be for the family involved. We decided to use our knowledge of furniture, antiques, memorabilia, jewelry and the arts as well as our experience with estate sales to better service our community.

Most of our customers are in Marietta and the surrounding areas where we conduct estate sales on a weekly basis where our customers always trust us to achieve the highest sales for the contents of their homes including, jewelry and fine art, antiques, collectibles and furniture. This is why we like to be as engaged as possible. We have been running estate sales in Atlanta for years and used to go to a sale every week before that, gaining a lot of experience in how these events should go. We learned what to do and what not to do and have become very capable of conducting the sale even without you being there.

Once we have the items that you want to keep separated from the items you wish to sell, we can take over organizing, staging, pricing and advertising your sale. During the sale, everything will be under our complete expert control. Since we know exactly what the value of everything is, we know when it is time to negotiate a price and when we should stand firm on an item. We are very good at getting you the most money and selling the most stuff during our three day sales. During the sale we strive to get as much of your items as possible.

We are confident in our ability to take care of any situation that comes our way. We are the premiere estate sale company in Atlanta, Georgia and no matter how small, how large or how complicated we will always treat you and your home as respectfully as possible.

Call the professionals for a free consultation: 404-884-5229

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