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Close-Up TV News Provides Service Perfected over Nearly a Decade of Practice

Melville 6/27/2013 09:00 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

HEXIS Interviewed by Close-Up TV News

For a little under a decade Close-Up TV News has been changing the way we see successful businesses. They provide intimate and in-depth interviews by well-known celebrity news reporters. These reporters all have years of experience under their belts and help build up the business’ credibility while entertaining an audience of millions worldwide with informative, intellectual storytelling style of reporting.

Additionally, Close-Up TV News provides a series of assets that can be used to increase sales, build a solid client base and enhance branding initiatives. For example, a customized corporate video will be made of the segment and shot in HD. This video will then be posted to the business site as well as Close-Up TV News’ own site. This will help increase visibility in the market and on various search engines.

Then there is the 30-second news brief that runs on huge television networks such as Fox, CNN MSNBC and the Discovery Channel. On top of Close-Up TV’s audience this expands the business’ exposure even more. On top of this, Close-Up TV News puts out a multimedia news release that includes video, audio and pictures as well as text. This makes the release far more interactive and thus memorable to those reading it.

Close-Up TV News helps its clients educate customers and increase sales. They broadcast live news over the web and give businesses a global audience 24/7 where their clients can communicate what makes their business unique and demonstrate how their products work with the intent of motivating these people to buy. Close-Up TV News has a global audience of millions which can then be converted to millions of potential customers.

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