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Close-Up TV News Reporters Make Interviews more Entertaining

Melville 6/26/2013 07:00 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Ellanef/Magellan Aerospace Interviewed by Close-Up TV News

Close-Up TV News uses a team of celebrity business news reporters who help you tell your story in a more compelling and interesting way. They are a professional news magazine show viewed by millions of people all over the world who watch for the informative, intellectual and entertaining interviews. Reporters who help tell your story are Doug Llewelyn, Scott Murray, Janice Marie and Jim Masters.

Jim Masters is an award winning nationally recognized television and radio host. He has a wealth of experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. He has hosted countless PBS specials regionally and nationally and has interviewed various artists, experts and celebrities. Close-Up TV News’ clients all describe Jim as credible, knowledgeable, passionate, engaging articulate and genuinely interested in the message.

Likewise, Janice Marie is an easily likable and is often described as possessing a warmth that puts everyone at ease. In the five short years she has been with Close-Up TV News, she has interviewed hundreds of clients and all of them have said the same thing, she is a gifted reporter that brings a wealth of talent and experience and credibility to all her clients.

Scott Murray is another Close-Up TV News reporter that has a lot of experience with news and interviews. For over 30 years, Scott Murray has been one of the most famous sportscasters in the America having been a correspondent for almost every sport and the Olympics as well as 30 straight Super Bowls. He has been named sportscaster of the year over 17 times by various news and media organizations.

Lastly, Doug Llewelyn is one of the most experienced TV producers and business news reporters in America. He has traveled all over the nation interviewing hundreds of business owners and executives from coast to coast in the process of profiling their companies for television.

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