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Close-Up TV News Spotlights the Best Businesses in America

Melville 6/26/2013 02:30 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Real Medicine for Real People Interviewed by Close-Up TV News

For almost a decade, Close-Up TV News has featured hundreds of businesses on their show. These businesses continue to be the most successful in America or manufacture a revolutionary new product or provide a unique service. Whatever they do, these industry leaders are making a lasting impact on globally as well as the world around them.

Close-Up TV News’ goal is to help these companies leave a positive lasting impression on the world. They provide a series of tools design to increase sales, build a solid client base and basically bring you more traffic. In addition, Close-Up TV News adds credibility to your story thanks to the team of celebrity news reporters that include Doug Llewelyn, Janice Marie, Scott Murray and Jim Masters. They captivate the audience with a unique reporting style that is intellectual, informative and entertaining.

Close-Up TV News uses these reporters to help you communicate your story in a compelling and memorable way over the PAX TV Network/ION cable television station.

They provide a series of tools to enhance your visibility on the web and On-Air and help your business grow. One is a customized HD corporate video. This is designed to boost your reputation as it is posted on your website as well as Close-Up TV News’ own site. A multimedia news release is used to give a more in depth account of the goals your business is trying to accomplish. It will have a video, pictures, audio as well as text making this release more interactive and memorable than other companies releases. There will also be a 30-second news brief that will be featured on four major television networks including FOX News and CNN.

For almost a decade, Close-Up TV News has been featuring the most successful businesses in America. The ones that manufacture a new product or provide a unique service.

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