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ADHD Specialist in Atlanta, Dr. Darvin Hege has the Tools to Help You Focus

Atlanta 6/28/2013 02:30 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Atlanta Psychiatrist - Dr Darvin Hege

Inattention, distractibility and impulsivity, the distinct ADHD symptoms affect 4.4% of adults. Dr. Darvin Hege is one of the top Adult ADHD specialists in Atlanta and is able to prescribe medications to help patients cope with the various problems that ADHD causes. These problems include forgetfulness in daily activities, uncontrollable fidgeting with hands or feet and squirming within the seat, is easily distracted by outside stimuli and often does not seem to listen or pay attention to what is said to him/her. While ADHD symptoms were most likely present during childhood, these most likely didn’t become prominent until the responsibilities of adulthood started accumulating.

As adults, we are expected to handle a great many number of things at one time. These increasing burdens include marriage, children, jobs and finances. It is easy for a normal person to become overwhelmed with enough stress in their lives, but an ADHD person may consider it absolutely impossible.

The stress resulting from  ADHD may cause some patients to turn to alcohol or other substances for relief. This effectively covers up the underlying problem that must them be stripped away in order to treat the real problem which is the ADHD.

Dr. Darvin Hege can help patients treat Adult ADHD symptoms with a series of medications that often help inattentiveness over hyperactivity. This is because inattention is generally a bigger problem in Adult ADHD than hyperactivity and Dr. Hege’s medications often prove sufficient in improving the problem. In addition, Dr. Darvin Hege may also use psychotherapy to improve the psychological and social standing of the patient rather than the symptoms themselves. Combined with the medications, the psychotherapy should bring the patients’ Adult ADHD treatment full-circle.

Dr. Hege offers evening and weekend office hours and affordable self-pay fees-guaranteeing you privacy and discretion. Call us at 770-458-0007, between 9 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Saturdays, and 9 AM to 1 PM Sundays for same-day evening and weekend appointments offered at competitive rates. He does not accept Medicare and is local to Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Roswell.

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