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Atlanta’s Top Depression and Anxiety Disorder Psychiatrist: Dr. Darvin Hege helps get Your Life Back

Atlanta 6/26/2013 04:20 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Atlanta Psychiatrist - Dr Darvin Hege

If you are in the Dunwoody, Sandy Springs or Rowell area of Atlanta and are suffering from any number of mental problems including depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, Dr. Darvin Hege can help. He is one of the top psychiatrists in Atlanta and is passionate about using the most advanced technology, new medicines and refined diagnosis to provide his patients the relief they need and deserve.

If you have been through a traumatic event like a violent personal assault, natural or man-made disasters, accidents or military combat, you could very well have developed post-traumatic stress disorder. Most people are able to spend a brief time with trouble coping and then adjustment and finally move on, however, those who do not need extra support. PTSD can be known to last months or even years and can be a severe disruption of the individual’s life and the lives of those around them. There are three categories that can occur with PTSD, intrusive memories, avoidance or emotional callousness, anxiety or increased emotional arousal. If you are suffering from anyone of these, Dr. Hege can use a combination of medication and psychotherapy to help you cope.

A psychiatrist is helpful in coping with bi-polar disorder because they can help curb the mental distortion in which you see the world. Dr. Hege can help you find the balance between irrational pessimism, self-doubting, and depression and your overly optimistic, ego-inflated, offensive brash hypomania. The consequences can be curbed with help from Dr. Hege.

Dr. Hege can help with a number of other problems including depression and anxiety disorder. While these can be tricky mental issues to correct, Dr. Hege has a very high success rate and given enough time can help cure even the most pessimistic and hopeless individual. He has seen many difficult cases who get better over the years due to neither Dr. Hege or the patient giving up on the treatments or therapies.

Dr. Hege offers evening and weekend office hours and affordable self-pay fees-guaranteeing you privacy and discretion. Call us at 770-458-0007, between 9 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Saturdays, and 9 AM to 1 PM Sundays for same-day evening and weekend appointments offered at competitive rates. He does not accept Medicare and is local to Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Roswell.

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