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Close-Up TV News Selects Only the Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Who Make a Difference in the World

Melville 6/25/2013 01:30 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Nuzzolese Bros. Ice Interviewed by Close-Up TV News

Close-Up TV News is a professional news magazine show who captivate millions with their intellectual, informative and entertaining storytelling style. Viewers are eager to see and learn about the next featured business or profession. Close-Up TV News continues to only select certain business leaders and entrepreneurs. These businesses must among the most successful businesses in America and they have to be making an effort to be a positive influence both in America and the world.

Close-Up TV News helps these businesses get more exposure, web presence,  and credibility through various assets that they provide. These include a corporate video that is customized for the company and shot in HD for good quality. This video is then posted onto Close-Up TV News’ as well as the business’ personal website.

This is for the web presence part of the service, for the exposure side, Close-Up TV News sends a 30-second news brief out to four major television stations. These include CNN and Fox News in addition to their own station, the nationally recognized cable television station, the PAX TV Network/ION.

A multimedia news release helps with both web presence and exposure as it extends to various media outlets as well as target audiences. This release contains audio, video, text and photos making it so interactive and touches on all different senses so it becomes more memorable and ingrained.

Possibly the most important part of Close-Up TV News’ service is the interview by one of their celebrity news reporters. On Close-Up TV News, you will be interviewed by a well-known and trustworthy business news reporter like Doug Llewelyn, easily one of the most experienced TV producers and business news reporters in the country. He and the rest of his team assist with building up credibility for you and your business and also with communication of your story. They let you demonstrate your products or services and convey the differences between your business and other industry leaders.

The desired result of their service is increased sales due to increased awareness and knowledge of the company as you have a way to educate millions of potential customers on a global scale and motivate prospects to buy.

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