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Close-Up TV News Helps Broadcast Their Story Over the Web and On-Air

Melville 6/23/2013 04:30 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Greenbrook Homes Interviewed by Close-Up TV News

Close-Up TV News is one of America’s Most Premiere news magazine TV program which helps businesses all across the nation tell their story and build up maximum web visibility. Close-Up TV News is aired on the PAX TV Network/ION, a nationally recognized cable television station and has built up an audience of millions around the world. They have enticed this following with intellectual, informative and entertaining interviews conducted by well- known celebrity business news reporters like Scott Murray and Doug Llewelyn.

As highly experienced and well respected business news reporters, they lend the credibility they have earned to their guests’ business. Each of Close-Up TV News’ reporters are highly experienced, nationally recognized and multi-award winning. During their interviews give their guests’ businesses a global audience 24/7 to whom they can communicate what makes their business different and demonstrate their products or services and educate potential customers and employees.

Close-Up TV News also provides several assets that could help prospects to buy. These include a 30-second news brief, a corporate video shot in HD and a multimedia news release. The customized video is posted to the company’s site as well as on Close-Up TV News’ own site. This video serves to boost web presence and visibility, but also their reputation. The 30-second news brief will be broadcast over four major television networks. Finally, the multimedia news release extends to various media outlets and target audiences. They are made more effective with the addition of video, audio, and photos to the text.

Being featured on Close-Up TV News along with other prominent industry leaders and promising entrepreneurs provides businesses with the unique chance to communicate their story to millions of captivated viewers with the sole goal of converting them into millions of customers. Close-Up TV News has been successfully spotlighting industry leaders and entrepreneurs who either manufacture a revolutionary new product or provide a unique service for nearly a decade and been able to help many of these companies increase sales, build a solid client base and enhance branding initiatives.

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