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Close-Up TV News Provides the Best Business News Entertainment on the Air

Melville 6/21/2013 01:05 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Close-Up TV News Interviews PowerBows

Close-Up TV News is one of the premiere news magazine TV programs. They Spotlight the most successful businesses in America and interviews their leaders to tell America about the companies that are having, or could have a big impact on our world. In little under a decade, Close-Up TV News has interviewed hundreds of industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Conducting these interviews are one of several celebrity business news reporters like Doug Llewelyn. Mr. Llewelyn is one of the most experienced TV producers and business news reporters. He is most famous for acting as the host of the “classic” version of the hit courtroom series the “People’s Court”. He serves on Close-Up TV news to help guests create and build up credibility as well as helping guests communicate what makes their business special in powerful and memorable ways. Doug Llewelyn is just one of several other highly experienced and accomplished business news reporters who all do their job very well.

Apart from the reporters conducting interviews seen on a nationally recognized cable television station, the PAX TV Network/ION, Close-Up TV News also provides a series of assets designed to give guests the maximum amount of distribution possible. These include a 30-second news brief, a customized HD corporate video and a multimedia news release.

With these tools at their disposal, guests on Close-Up TV News have the opportunity to help their business grow, increase sales, build a solid client base and leave a positive lasting impression on the minds of their viewers. The 30- second news brief goes out to 4 major television networks while the corporate video is posted to the guest’s site and Close-Up’s own website. Finally the news release, which includes text as well as video, photos and audio, extends out to various media outlets and targeted audiences.

Close-Up TV News is one of the best ways to get the name  and the mission of your business out there for the world to hear.

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