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Food Poisoning E Coli Claims in Du Page County

Chicago 6/20/2013 04:05 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Los Burritos Mexicanos in Lombard, Illinois could be the latest restaurant associated with an E. Coli outbreak.  According Gary A. Newland of Newland & Newland LLP, a top food poisoning lawyer in Illinois, the outbreak appears to be E. Coli 0157 and appears to be associated with a Mexican restaurant located on St. Charles Road in Lombard. Newland indicated the Du Page County Health Department has closed the restaurant pending further testing. According to Newland, often times, a restaurant’s employees are the source and other times it can be a supplier.  In this case, it is uncertain who is responsible.

It is up to the Health Department to identify the source of the outbreak. Often times, people believe it was the meat but often times it is the lettuce.  Generally, the health department will test the employees as well as the restaurant.

It is common that people working in the food industry do not get paid when work is missed because of illness. The practice perpetuates employees that know they are sick to show up for work and results in further spreading their illness to patrons.  There have been situations where over 100 people have been made ill from one sick employee.

E Coli poisoning can be life-threatening and also leave people with permanent health problems.  It is often transferred to people because health standards are not followed.

Trial lawyer Gary A. Newland has represented hundreds of people poisoned in throughout Du Page County and the State of Illinois.

With respect to the current outbreak, six people have been poisoned.  Food poisoning is a personal injury claim and people poisoned may be owed compensation.  All people injured should contact the Du Page County Health Department and an attorney. Newland & Newland LLP is accepting clients poisoned.

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