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Wake Up to a Exotic Cup of Coffee with World Trader Coffee Summer Time Savings

World Trader Coffee is offering these coffees on sale for the summer. More to be added after July 4th

Atlanta 6/20/2013 11:45 AM GMT (LinkMyStock)

World Trader Coffee is making the summer a little bit hotter with these delicious gourmet coffees. A taste of the world in a steaming cup of coffee every morning has to sound good. These are some of the most delicious gourmet exotic coffees on sale now, but World Trader Coffee will be adding more after the July 4th holidays, so keep checking to get the best savings on gourmet coffee from around the world.

Two of the coffees include the Cameroon Boyo Coffee. This coffee comes from the western highlands of Cameroon in Africa, it gives off a pleasing aroma and has a mellow flavor and rich full body all thanks to the volcanic soil and abundant sunshine. Also from Africa, specifically the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, comes a sweetly acidic and wonderfully aromatic coffee known as the Tanzania Coffee. For the summer, World Trader Coffee is also selling both of these coffees in their Peaberry form.

From Indonesia comes a world class coffee that is very popular here at World Trader Coffee. The Celebes Sulawesi coffee has a rich, heavy body characterized by low acidity, creamy texture and nutty overtones and an intense fragrance. This is one coffee that always in high demand whether it is grown on the estate or on small family farms.

The Guatemalan Antigua Coffee, from Central America, is the highest grade coffee in Guatemala and one of the best in the world. This coffee is strictly hard bean and only approved for regional designation after a taste-test by the Guatemalan coffee association proves it has met the established flavor criteria for each region. This coffee is especially known for its heavy body, bright taste and smoky/spicy overtones.

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