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Close-Up TV News: Millions of Avid Viewers Wanting to Learn About Your Specific Business

Melville 6/16/2013 08:50 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Ellanef/Magellan Aerospace Interviewed by Close-Up TV News

Close-Up TV News is a professional News Magazine Show that has interviewed hundreds of industry leaders and has accumulated a global audience of millions in a little under a decade. They captivate their audience with a unique storytelling style of reporting that is intellectual, informative and entertaining.  Interviews are conducted by easily recognized and well-respected celebrity business news reporters like Janice Marie.

Janice Marie is one of the most reliable and credible new reporters in the country. Alone, she has interviewed hundreds of clients in five years and has often been described as a gifted reporter that helps everyone rest easy with her warmth and insightful professionalism. It has also been said of Janice Marie, that she has a unique ability and commitment to helping her guests tell their story in a way that is powerful, compelling and memorable. Since 2001, Janice has been an important component in the local and national media industry and in that time has gained a wealth of talent, experience and, most importantly, credibility which she lends to her guests.

Your interview is pushed out to various media outlets in different ways through different mediums. For example, a 30 second news brief will go out to four major television networks including CNN and Fox News and a corporate video will be posted to your website and Close-Up TV News’ website. This video is shot in HD and is customized specifically for you and your business. Finally, a multimedia news release which includes a video, pictures and audio along with text will be extended to various media outlets and target audiences that will further, and in more detail, communicate what makes your business unique and simultaneously educate customers and employees on your business.

Each of these assets are designed to help create and build credibility, leave a positive and lasting impression, increase sales, build solid client base and maximize web presence and reputation. In order for your business to grow, it is important that you motivate prospects to buy and being a guest on Close-Up TV News alongside other prominent industry leaders where you can communicate what makes your business different and demonstrate your product or service in front of a worldwide audience will do just that.

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