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Close-Up TV News: A Professional News Magazine Show Serving America’s Businesses

Melville 6/15/2013 08:45 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

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Close-Up TV News is a premiere news magazine TV program that serves America’s businesses by featuring them on their show and increasing awareness about them. In a little under a decade, they have already interviewed hundreds of industry leaders and entrepreneurs helping them to increase their visibility on the web and their reputation throughout the world. Close-Up TV News has a worldwide audience, numbering in the millions, who watch for the intellectual, informative and entertaining interviews conducted by their celebrity news reporters.

Close-Up TV News’ interviews are done with well-known and highly respected news reporters like Scott Murray. Scott Murray is one of the most trusted sportscasters in America and has reported on almost every sport there is from the US Open to the World Series to the Indy 500. He has covered the Olympics as well as 30 straight Super Bowls.

He was the award-winning Sports Director and Anchor at NBC, Dallas/Ft. Worth. He has won back-to-back Emmy Awards for Best Sportscaster in 2000 and 2001 as well as being named Sportscaster of the Year 17 times by various news and media organizations over a 30 year career. With all of these personal achievements and recognitions under his belt, there is hardly anyone more trustworthy or reliable than Scott Murray.

In addition to Scott Murray and the other reporters for Close-Up TV News, they provide a series of assets that are designed to increase sales, build up a solid client base and further communicate what makes your business unique. These assets include a multimedia news release which brings a video, pictures, audio altogether with text to discuss your unique business and educate customers and employees alike.

Additionally, there will be two videos that will help leave a positive and long-lasting impression in the minds of your target audience as well as improve your visibility and reputation on the web. These are a 30 second news brief and a customized corporate video that is shot in HD. The news brief goes out to four of the major television networks including CNN and Fox News while the corporate video is posted to the business’ and Close-Up TV News’ websites.

Close-Up TV News is a professional News Magazine Show that only selects business leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in America and globally. They specifically feature successful, innovative and unique businesses that either manufacture a revolutionary new product or service and help their business grow.

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