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Close-Up TV News Provides A Platform for Immense Business Growth

Melville 6/15/2013 03:40 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Close-Up TV News Interviews Pacific Home Remodelers

Close-Up TV News understands the way to make a business grow is build up credibility, web presence and client base. Close-Up TV News can help you, as an industry leader or entrepreneur, leave a positive and lasting impression on the minds of their viewers. They are a professional News Magazine Show that has accumulated a worldwide audience that numbers in the millions. These viewers are captivated by Close-Up TV News’ intellectual, informative and entertaining storytelling-style of reporting.

These interviews are conducted by Close-Up TV News staff of well-respected and highly experienced business news reporters. These include Doug Llewelyn, Janice Marie, Scott Murray and Jim Masters. In addition to creating and building credibility, these reporters use their experience to help guests tell their story in a powerful and compelling ways. Janice Marie, for example, is described as possessing a warmth that puts everyone at ease. She is insightful, professional and possesses a unique ability and commitment to helping her guests communicate.

In addition to the benefits of being interviewed by a celebrity business news reporter like Janice Marie, Close-Up TV News provides a series of assets that give your business an audience that spans the globe, a space to demonstrate how your products work and educate your customers and employees. These assets are a 30 second news brief that goes out to four major television networks including CNN and Fox News, a customized corporate video, shot in HD, that is then posted to the business’ site and Close-Up TV News site. This video increases your web presence and reputation.

The final asset that Close-Up TV News provides is a multimedia news release dedicated to your business. It includes not only text, but video, pictures and audio. This release extends to various media outlets and target audiences and is designed to build up a larger client base, increase sales and put a brighter spotlight on your business.

Close-Up TV News has featured hundreds of unique companies that either manufacture a revolutionary new product, a unique service or simply trying to leave America and the world a better place than how they found it.

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