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OneStop Communications: The One Place that Can Make Better Telecommunication Solutions

Atlanta 6/15/2013 11:45 AM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Macon Community Services

As a full service and independent communications consulting firm, we offer a broad range of innovative services at competitive prices. We are well connected with the top telecommunications providers, telephone equipment vendors, infrastructure low voltage consultants and even a team of IT network professionals that help bring everything together for a seamless and stress free telecommunications experience. Because we are so committed to our customers, we are here to ensure the elimination of wasted energy and promote a culture of continuous improvement. We will make a pleasant, turnkey experience for you no matter what internet or telephone provider you choose.

Our services are geared toward helping companies keep up with their evolving telecom needs. We are experts at delivering unbeatable telecommunication solutions and the benefits of telecom technology. Currently, there are about 50 companies to choose from. OneStop Communications has years of working experience with incumbent telecom carriers such as AT&T and Verizon, as well as competitors Windstream, Paetec, Earthlink Business and more.

Our goal at OneStop Communications is to help you navigate the decision making process. We gather competitive quotes, presenting them to your in an unbiased manner. With OneStop Communications, quality is never compromised and all carriers represented by us have world class networks with near-perfect reliability demanded by companies everywhere.

Additionally, OneStop Communications has been known to bring cost savings down 30% to 60% as well as increase the operational capacity with faster internet and data connectivity and even intelligent voice services, all while your company is paying less than it did previously.

In the 50+ years that we have been in the telecom industry, we have seen many technology and prices changes in the sector. Our goal is to offer businesses a choice between multiple telecommunications companies and therefore we have aligned ourselves with multiple companies rather than just one. In addition, we have also developed an expertise in several industries in order to understand the telecommunication needs of all of our clients.

Generally, we simply act as your “Buyer’s Agent”, therefore our telecommunication services and consultation are free of charge in many cases.

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