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Shade Grown Coffees Offer Better Taste and A Chemical Free Planet: Available at World Trader Coffee

Atlanta 6/12/2013 01:15 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Our goal at World Trader Coffee is to provide our customers with the best quality, gourmet coffees from around the world, which has led us to bring to you Shade Grown Coffee. These coffees are so-called because they are grown in the shade rather than the sun. This causes them to ripen slower than traditionally grown coffee beans. According to popular belief, the longer ripening time contributes to the more complex flavors and better taste associated with Shade Grown Coffees.

This process is similar to the one used to grow the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in the misty Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Besides better taste, Shade Grown Coffee has a multitude of advantages over traditionally grown coffees. One advantage is the health benefit to drinking Shade Grown Coffee. Coffee is one of the products sprayed with the most chemicals. Shade Grown Coffees, by definition of process, are generally grown organically without the use of chemicals.

Apart from promoting healthy diets, Shade Grown Coffees also promote healthy environments and helps sustain rainforests. Because they are grown in the shade, the shade trees help reduce one of the causes of global warming by filtering out carbon dioxide and in addition they aid in soil’s moisture retention effectively minimizing erosion. When coffee plantations use too many chemicals they can suffer from soil depletion and increased erosion which makes it necessary to strip the rainforest of fresh growing ground. On the other hand, farms that use the Shade Grown process, are organic and sustainable for the most part.

Since the introduction of “Sun Grown” coffees, the destruction of the rainforest for more coffee plantations has caused a drastic decline in the population of migrating birds. The rise of Shade Grown coffee has led to an increase in these birds due to an increase in habitats. As of today, as many as 150 species of birds have been identified in in shade grown coffee farms.

Some examples of the gourmet Shade Grown coffees available through World Trader Coffee are Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota coffee, Nicaraguan coffee and Colombian Supremo Andeano Estate coffee. These coffees are all well-known around the world for their acidity, which is directly related to taste, and their impact on the environment and our bodies.

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