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Nature-Fit Orthotics a Hit at Pedorthic Association of Canada Montreal Symposium

Massena 5/29/2013 10:33 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

NatureFit Orthotics

Nature-Fit Orthotics announced today that its exclusive, semi-rigid, ultra-thin orthotics were extremely well-received by pedorthists at the recentPedorthic Association of Canada Montreal Symposium.

Pedorthists, who make or modify custom orthopaedic shoes for patients with problematic foot profiles, were impressed with the ability of Nature-Fit’s pre-made orthotics to provide excellent arch support despite their exceptionally thin design. Many indicated that Nature-Fit orthotics would make it possible to create smaller and more stylish orthopaedic shoes.

One pedorthist thought that as many as 80 percent of his patients would be candidates for a shoe incorporating a slender but strong Nature-Fit orthotic as a design element.

Several pedorthists visiting the company’s booth at the Symposium also said that Nature-Fit orthotics’ ultra-thin design could also yield considerable savings in the time it takes to build an orthopaedic shoe. “Time is money to pedorthists,” said Mr. Fischer. “Not only can Nature-Fit orthotics allow pedorthists to sell more orthopaedic shoes, but they can also make it possible to build those or modify shoes more efficiently and hence more profitably.”

To find out more about Nature-Fit and its products, call the company at (800) 874-4295 or visit Nature-Fit.

About Nature-Fit 
Nature-Fit is the developer of ultra-thin, semi-rigid, weigh-bearing orthotics that have an ideal foot profile. Their exclusive PerFLEXion® technology supports the arch while flexing as the foot is supposed to flex with movement, and over time this rehabilitates the foot. In contrast, custom orthotics are cast to match the foot’s unhealthy, distorted profile rather than to rehabilitate it. The pre-formed Nature-Fit orthotics can also be used immediately, avoiding the long waiting period required with custom orthotics. 

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Nature-Fit is a subsidiary of Tri Hawk International.

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