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Summer Fun 2013 with "Life is Crap"

Humor Brand Life is Crap Serves up Summer Fun with a Twist….or Maybe Just a Crash and Burn!

Manchester 5/16/2013 08:03 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Here in the hills of Southern Vermont's Green Mountains, headquarters and laugh central for the infamous Life is Crap T-shirt and gift-ware company, the ‘Crapsters’ are hard at work planning for an action packed and accident filled, hysterically funny summer.

Paul Wheeler, the King of Crap, exclaimed, “Summer is filled with moments when ‘Crap’ happens. Don't you just hate it when the sailboat runs aground? (By the way, none of us have sailboats)…Or when the hammock spins around dumping you and your cocktail onto the ground...Or it’s grill time. You light up the gas grill with a dozen close friends out on the lawn with you -- and kablam, the gas back-up explodes slamming you back with eyebrows singed!...But always remember that Laughter’s the Cure.”

These are just a few of the whacky mishaps that happen as fans get out there and brave the roads, woods, and waterways in pursuit of summer fun and adventure. But, nothing ever goes according to plan. At Life is Crap Headquarters, they know that everyone falls down and gets a few bumps and bruises from time to time. They are quintessential realists, that love to poke fun at life's crappier moments.

Ken LeFevre, Life is Crap Partner, reminds us, “When Crap happens, we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off -- and keep on keeping on going! Laughter’s the Cure! In fact, stay tuned for upcoming Life is Crap communications dedicated to the healing power of laughter.”

Life is Crap has created a broad assortment of funny t-shirts with every possible summer activity and the crazy things that can happen when Crapsters are out and about. See all that is the wacky world of Crap at Check out perfect gifts for biking buddies, grilling neighbors, sailing mates, friends and co-workers, family members and even those favorite enemies. Also search for the hysterical Life is Crap tees, shirts, hoodies and other wonderful gift items at Life is Crap. Shirts are Made in America of 100% pre-washed cotton with a comfy and fit like an old friend. They wash and wear well and come in a dozen tasty colors.

Visit Life is Crap often as snappy new expressions and great bargains are constantly being offered. Also join them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest crap. And always remember, "Crap Happens and Laughter is the Cure."

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