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People in Australia who are on the move or need something moved can benefit from a new online marketplace and networking service that works two ways

Brisbane 5/11/2013 08:29 AM GMT (LinkMyStock)

What do you do when you want to move a priceless work of art, grandma's furniture, a motor cycle, a piece of farm machinery, a flock of sheep or the family pet? It's hard to believe that there is one website that can take care of all of these needs and then some. has been developed to bring together people who want something moved and people who can move it.

The site is simple enough yet it has taken many painstaking hours to carefully iron out the wrinkles and ensure its complete efficiency. Robert Russell, company founder, said that he came up with the idea in outback Cunnamulla, Queensland, when he and his wife moved from the UK and were finding it difficult to have their shipping container delivered. 'Ironically there were numerous empty trucks traveling these outback roads,' Robert commented, 'and that sparked the idea to start up an online freight marketplace similar to successful overseas sites.

'It really is easy,' Robert went on, 'a customer simply enters a description and other basic info about what they want moved and then matching freighters who are registered with the site are immediately notified. Freight companies can then quote the customer direct, based on the information they have been supplied with.'

Truckit certainly seems like a great thing for the freight companies as there are no expensive man-hours spent phoning and chasing customers; it is all done online, once the customer has accepted the freight company's quote then personal contact can take place to work out any finer details.

'The benefits to freight companies are many,' added Robert, 'not only can they now save money on their marketing by registering with Truckit, they have the opportunity to fill more trucks more often and to target their deliveries to the routes they most frequent. Half empty trucks will start to become a thing of the past with access to so many customers.

'It's a win-win situation for both the customers and transporters. The customers will be provided with more affordable, more efficient and easier transport options with free freight quotes facilities. The carrier companies win as well since we will keep them continuously in-tune with the customer's needs and this will further help them in filling up their empty truck with potential backloads. The transport providers will be able to achieve a great business reputation online through the effective marketing and advertising opportunities our portal offers.' Not only this, but with's drive for new innovation they will soon be launching more features that will increase opportunities for repetitive work for its Providers and will introduce more freight management tools to add to their matching service.

The variety of customers is also a great plus. It doesn't really matter what type of transporter a company is, Truckit appeals to customers from all avenues and all walks of life be it business, government, community, social or domestic. Customers will find this new site a breeze when moving house, moving business, moving stock or just moving anything. Time is not wasted phoning around the various providers and comparing quotes - all of that is taken care of online.

Truckit is obviously the place to be seen in the computer-age and this site is something that freighters really should be a part of to continue to thrive into the twenties. One of the most surprising things - registration is free as is marketing and freighters only need to pay a small commission on those jobs they win.

Sounds like Truckit really is the way to go.


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