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Design Elevator Pitch on IndieGoGo Delivered from Where Rubik Cube was Born

Design Elevator Pitch on IndieGoGo Delivered from Where Rubik Cube was Born

Budapest 5/10/2013 08:39 AM GMT (LinkMyStock)

The co-founders of the new design management start-up named their company after two words: hype and idea.

Hypdea introduced its first product last year. It was the innovation award winning paq chair which is probably the world’s simplest way to transform a bed into an armchair. One year after its debut paq chair has been listed multiple times on the world's most known flash sale sites like on, has been used for events of TEDx and was published on the most popular design news sites like on Design Milk.

It isn’t just about selling design, though.

„Today’s designers in our region of Eastern Europe think and design in a different way: most of the fascinating and innovative ideas or products are inspired simply by necessity. And now we’d like to make these benefits of our local thinking go global.”

Moving forward, Hypdea plans to release a number of unique furniture and accessory design under the brand.

To learn more, search for “Dream Out Loud!” campaign. The audience of this campaign can access exciting and interactive perks in exchange for contributions: among other perks a special poster designed by the backers and a special edition of paq chair will be available for purchase on IndieGoGo during the campaign.

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