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Turn Green Already - A New Solution To Reduce Traffic Congestion

Turn Green Already - A New Solution To Reduce Traffic Congestion

Bend 5/09/2013 09:00 AM GMT (LinkMyStock)

Vodskov, Jutmand, Denmark -- We’ve all tired of being stuck in traffic, especially during rush hour, and many times congestion occurs along roads with poorly set traffic lights that do not take into account how traffic changes during the day.

According to a new report by the Danish Road Directorate, approximately one in five of the country’s 2800 signalized installations contains technical faults, is set incorrectly and therefore out of sync with the current traffic patterns. This causes much frustration for drivers and annually costs society billions of dollars in lost time, as well as increased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions resulting from the inconsistent driving with extensive breaking and acceleration.

New Technology and Methods:
Normally optimization of signals along a road is a challenging and expensive task, because the sources for traffic monitoring have been limited to inductive loops, cameras or manually counting. However, due to recent advances in information technology, portable devices with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication are becoming more common, enabling real-time traffic monitoring and adjustments to traffic signal timing.

Combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking:
BLIP Systems has developed a solution, BlipTrack, that constantly monitors and maps traffic flow. BlipTrack sensors detect all cars containing Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices such as mobile phones and/or navigation systems, but drivers do not have to fear for intrusion of their privacy, as the collected data does not contain personal information.

Improving Capacity and Flow:
With these accurate traffic data in hand, traffic agencies can determine where and when there are particular problems with delays, improve capacity on existing roads and detect changes in traffic patterns. Moreover, the traffic lights can be adjusted, optimising traffic flow, reducing travel time and improving predictability for drivers, as well as reducing fuel use and emissions.

Drivers can also benefit from these real-time data to receive information about incidents and congestion, and plan whether to work at home, stay a little longer at work, or choose a different route.

Today BlipTrack is installed in major cities in Denmark and has several installations in Sweden, Norway and New Zealand. The solution is also used at international airports including Dubai, Amsterdam and Toronto, as well as at several train stations in the Netherlands.

The advantage of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking, compared to existing and more expensive traffic solutions, utilising camera and loops, is that the sensors are independent of light and weather conditions, they require no maintenance and can be installed without disrupting traffic. Additionally BlipTrack can cover broad road networks with sensors installed a key points, making far more cost effective solutions.

About BLIP Systems:
BLIP Systems is a privately held wireless technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. It was founded in august 2003 as a MBO of the Bluetooth activities within Ericsson Denmark. BLIP Systems (Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point) was established with a vision of using the new connectivity possibilities in mobiles, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to deliver proximity services. The vision and high expertise at BLIP Systems derives from the extremely industry experienced team. BLIP Systems focuses on developing and selling the people tracking product BlipTrack™. At first intended for targeted queue measurements in airports, but now expanded to include flow and queuing analysis in road traffic, train stations, cities and other locations.

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