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Ladies Get Love from with their own Line of Affordable Hip Hop Jewelry

A wise woman once said, “Don’t forget about the ladies,” and listened. We have recently released a full line of ladies bling accessories.

Columbia 6/20/2013 11:05 AM GMT (LinkMyStock)

JC Jones Shoutout to has released a line of ladies bling which includes tennis bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings and rings. This is the perfect gift for your lady or the perfect treat for yourself without throwing away your whole paycheck. Even though they are labeled as affordable hip hop jewelry, this does not mean that they are cheap. All of our jewelry is made with quality diamond simulants that glisten like real diamonds.

Additionally, the metal is plated with rhodium on white which gives you the shiny platinum look, or you can get the 24k gold look with gold plated over yellow gold. All of’s products are made just like the real thing but are gold- or rhodium-plated over a solid metal rather than being gold or platinum all the way through. Also, the stones are cubic zirconia rather than real diamonds. However no one except an experienced jeweler taking a very close look will be able to tell the difference in our high quality ladies bling

All our styles are the ones popular with the Hollywood A-listers, so if you want that red carpet look, can help for an affordable price.

This is especially true for’s line of large size earrings. These shiny accessories are made in many different styles to match any outfit. For added bling, some of our styles are covered in rhinestones and come in many different colors. Moreover, despite their size all of our large earrings are very light in weight and therefore do not put stress on your ears. One of our most popular items is the Round Gold Mirror style ladies fashion earrings, which is available for 65% off the retail price. is based on value and trust. We give you a great value on high quality hip hop jewelry and as one of the most trusted sources for high quality hip hop jewelry, we will always ship what you expect to get. is not known and will never be known for any underhanded dealings or lying to our customers.

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