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Italy power market: Latest market research analysed

London 5/05/2013 09:28 PM GMT (LinkMyStock)

With nuclear sources of energy no longer forming part of Italy's energy plan, and with the government ruling out shale gas due to the controversial extraction process, the authorities are turning to coal, gas and renewables in the national energy plan. With some of the highest electricity prices in Europe, Italy's government is aware that it will remain uncompetitive unless it drops tariffs, and one of the ways it aims to do this is by cutting spending on energy imports. A global rush for gas - encouraged by shale gas production in key markets - has also seen the price of coal fall, with Enel tapping into this opportunity for its domestic coal-fired power plants. The utility claims bills are falling as a result of this shift. However, despite these positive developments, the absence of details has generated concern. The government aims to boost renewables' share of the electricity mix, but offers little information about how it will do this.

Gas-fired power plants account for the nearly half of Italy's electricity generation capacity, and this figure is unlikely to change over the course of our forecast period. However, these will not be fuelled by shale gas, with the government ruling out its extraction because of environmental and safety concerns. Italy has no nuclear power stations and following a referendum in mid-2011, Italians voted against turning to nuclear sources of power.

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