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Gorgeous and Affordable Hip Hop Bling Rings Available through

Atlanta 5/03/2013 11:10 AM GMT (LinkMyStock)

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At, we focus on quality and product value over price and while some other sites offer low quality products with plastic cores, flash plated finishes and cloudy stones, Hip Hop Bling uses solid brass cores for the look and feel of high-end jewelry.

Hip Hop Bling products such as the premium cz mens rings are the highest quality replica iced out rings that we carry. The quality of these rings is so good that they will fool your friends, even a jeweler can’t tell the difference without a closer look. These rings are made identical to the gold and diamond versions that hip hop artists and other wealthy individuals wear. Now you too can look like a big rap star paying only a fraction of the the price.

The molds used to make our premium cz mens rings are very high quality molds, similar to the ones used to make other high-end jewelry. In the core is solid brass for the weight and feel. Brass is the best metal to make replica jewelry from because it is cheaper yet hard and durable. The plating is a thick layer of 24k gold or pure rhodium plating. What you see and touch will look and feel as real as it can be.

Hip Hop Bling’s premium mens rings use cubic zirconia for their stones. Cubic zirconia is the best diamond replica stone on the market and unless the jewelers are really studying the stone, even they can't tell the difference.

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